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Barometers and weather stations

In other articles we talked about the scopes and telescopes - products intended for people with very "specific interests" (hunting and astronomy). Yes and mentioned our binoculars, too, are more interested in the representatives, so to speak, "small groups" (tourists or theater, depending on the model of the binoculars). Meanwhile, there is an optical technique that will be useful to everyone. We are talking about barometers and weather stations. Barometer - instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure.

The barometer was invented by Italian Torricelli in 1643. The instrument Torricelli very accurate readings, but at the same time was not particularly convenient to use, especially in the home. This barometer used mercury (the atmospheric pressure fluctuations was reflected on the mercury scale). No need to explain that in case of damage of the barometer resulting liquid metal evaporates, it has become a threat to human health.

As characterized by high accuracy, mercury barometers and are now used by professional meteorologists. But for home use is more suitable aneroid barometer (i.e. basiccally barometer).
The role of a "receiving antenna" in the construction of aneroid plays a metal box, inside which the air is highly rarefied. Fluctuations of atmospheric pressure compress (with increasing pressure) or raise (lower the pressure) the box. Movement of the box is exposed, in turn, attached to a spring. Stretching or spring deflection by a system of levers acting on the arrow moving on the scale. Safe besidesthe readings of the barometer are of interest to everyone. Safety plus the importance of data - don't cost a thing to install at home. While deflection to the right indicating an increase in pressure, expect clear weather. If the needle fell sharply to the left - wait for the wind and rain (and if the court of winter - celebrate the imminent warming of the air). Such testimony should always be considered in planning, for example, an output. It's a shame, if the scheduled field trip breaks down due to rain. But it was enough to glance at the fallen arrow to the left of the barometer, to understand that much better this weekend was to spend at home in front of the TV or with a book on the couch.

Of exceptional interest is the barometer for someone who lives at home a sick mother-in-law or grandmother. Changes in atmospheric pressure affect patients very some categories, therefore, such a patient need to have a barometer and, depending on which way the arrow fell, remove from refrigerator tablet or other varieties.
There are many models of aneroid specifically for use in the home. With a body made of natural wood, plywood and other high quality materials, these barometers are well accepted from an aesthetic point of view: a barometer can be made, for example, in the form of a helm or anchor.

The barometer can be hung on the wall or to hang outside the window. But if You prefer small things, You will approach a table barometer, which, as seen already from the name, specially equipped to ensure that You could put him on a Desk or wardrobe. The weather, unlike barometers, a far more universal. The station represents, in essence, composed of different devices design: this includes the barometer (shows atmospheric pressure), thermometer (shows temperature) and hygrometer for measuring humidity, and an anemometer that shows wind speed.

Usually the word "weather station" conjures a picture of some fitted on the North pole of a laboratory where a scientist with a variety of equipment determines the movement of air flows. But as You can see, the station is still quite a compact device, which You can also as a barometer to use in everyday life.

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