( 1950 — 2000 )
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Application of metal detectors

Metal detectors (metal detector literally - metal detectors) were developed in the 20-ies of the twentieth century in the United States. Metal detectors or, in Russian, "metal detectors" were interested in the military. During the Second World War, the technique of detecting metals developed rapidly, and special equipment was developed to search for mines. After the end of the war, their consumption by the military decreased sharply, and metal detectors were sold cheaply in the USA. People quickly assessed the possibility of peaceful use of mine detectors in the search for buried treasures and gold nuggets.

Postwar metal detectors worked on vacuum lamps, were bulky and consumed a lot of energy. Only in the mid-sixties small-sized, stable and sensitive instruments were created that could distinguish metals and allow them to rebuild themselves from the influence of the environment.

In accordance with the purpose and range of tasks to be solved, metal detectors are divided into:
- devices for beginners - cheap metal detectors, oriented for searching on beaches and well suited for acquiring initial experience with metal detectors; such devices have 1-2 controls and have more than 1 mode of operation - dynamic discrimination;
- universal devices - focused on solving a wide range of tasks - from entertainment on the beach to a serious search for "treasures." To work with such metal detectors, some preparation is required; devices have several modes of operation, among which there is necessarily a static mode of accurate detection;
- Computerized devices - designed for trained users, allow for detailed analysis of hidden objects by size, metal and depth. The setting is usually done using the keyboard and the LCD display;
- deep - metal detectors for searching, large objects at great depth (2-6 m);
- Underwater - sealed metal detectors to search for treasures at the bottom of the reservoir.

Scope of metal detectors:
- in the military field - this is primarily a different type and purpose of mine detectors;
- in security structures and forensics - the metal detector is now used more widely than anywhere else. Any person encountered similar devices at the entrance to the bank, airport or night club. First of all, it is a "gate", when passing through which you can find even small metal objects;
- in factories producing food products - detecting in the food products of foreign objects a metallic property;
- in construction and in the process of repair work - think about how to do without this device, if you need to make a project for the reconstruction of an old building, which does not have drawings for the location of beams and other supporting structures (you can not hammer an architectural monument anywhere); and if it is necessary to trace how the pipeline or electric cable passes through the ground;
- When processing wood - especially coming from suburban forests, nails and other metal objects come into the trunks. Avoid breaking the saw or other equipment only by checking the wood with a metal detector. A special frame, installed in front of the circular saw, will automatically stop the conveyor when metal is detected in the wood;
- at waste-processing enterprises - when sorting garbage, it becomes necessary to rid it of metal objects. Well, if the items are iron, and they can be removed with a magnet. Detect and remove non-magnetic metal objects can only be induction metal detector;
- when extracting minerals - especially native gold, the metal detector is simply irreplaceable. Many mines in America, Australia and other countries experienced a second birth, when the metalworkers' productivity increased tens of times with the help of metal detectors;
- in archeology - a metal detector will help to determine the most promising place for detailed excavations, will make it possible to extract interesting finds where solid excavations are simply impossible for various reasons.

Every year the field of use of metal detectors in various fields of human activity is expanding.

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